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This is not Islam

People are so quick to judge Neelofa after the recent incident. It just makes me resent people even more. Because truly, this is not what I expect Islam to be. This is not Islam. This hate going around, this war and killings and selfishness of Muslims – this is not true religion. This is just […]

Customised Femto-Lasik at Optimax

Last year I blogged about my brother’s experience undergoing the Advanced Surface Ablation surgery at KPJ Tawakal Centre for Sight. A couple of months after he did his surgery I decided to go for an eye checkup myself, to see if I was suitable for lasik as well. I was told I also had the same […]

Why Did I Pledge My Organ

When I was 21, I did not know what organ donation was about. I wasn’t concern about it. What’s going to happen to my body, will the doctors save my life if I am close to dying, does my religion allow it? No. Zero concern. I only knew I was following my dad (who was […]

Advanced Surface Ablation at KPJ Tawakal Centre for Sight

I  wanted to blog about this since June but I never did come to it. A lot has happened since the surgery, so I wanted to wait for full recovery before I actually took time to put these into words! Why was it so important to be meticulous about? Because when I was researching on […]

Best Caddie Putter by HONO Golf

As you should know by now (as I must have lamented about it more than once!) my husband loves golf. I don’t know why, or how, I find the game utterly boring: following a player from one hole to the other and you can’t make a sound if you are following a player on the […]

Don’t Ask

I’m sad. Because after the third round of Clomid after my surgery in May, we are still not pregnant. While I am so happy my ovaries are back in full swing, I’m still tak ‘berisi’ as my grandmother love to remind me. I’m sad. Because I’m surrounded by pregnant people who are complaining about their […]

Ta-Da Chair

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed my post on the Ta-da Chair! Instagram posts can hard do justice – with the limited word count. So, here’s a little more in-depth about this new product by Step2Gold. The Ta-da chair will be among the innovative products to be showcased in November (tbc)! […]

How to Thicken Your Uterine Lining – NATURALLY!

Before I get to the point, let me tell you my story. You should know by now (especially if you are TTC-ing) that good uterine lining is an ideal home for your baby to implant. And if you are just like me, achieving this can be quite challenging. Uterine lining, or endometrium, is a layer […]

A Trip Down The Melaka River

Wait, to be honest, wasn’t quite sure if it was up or down. But since we went one way and then back the same way, I supposed one of it was down…. I wanted to take Daniel and my parents on the river cruise since forever. We are technically semi-Malaccans (my parents are living permanently […]

I Do Mind.

This is probably another one of my short posts. Just need to get this out of my system. I got my period today – on the dot of my 28 day cycle. Sometimes I bloody hate my period – it’s so bloody on TIME. When I get it, I just know I am not pregnant. […]