About Me

I’m 27, a Malaysian of mix parentage. A mother of 1 mischievous boy and a postgraduate student. Otherwise, I’m a stay-at-home-mum and entrepreneur.

I’ve had very depressing blogs previously and I’m afraid that this one might just end up being the same – because life was pretty depressing lately. It still is – don’t get me wrong, I’ve just tried (or I think I am) to be more acceptable of things. Dissatisfaction and complaining is synonymous to me.

I’ve lived through very hard times having to pretend, having two-faced enemies who hug you but is ready with a knife to stab you behind your back. I am getting too old to pretend I like people or trying to make them accept me into their circle. Now, I do not even want to try. I simply don’t have space for those who do not value me in theirs. And to the others, I will just shut you out. Selfish? Maybe.

I want to live for me: I want to travel, and eat, and NEVER get fat. To be free, happy and well, loved.

If you wish to contact me, do drop me an email at mishaellee@icloud.com or simply follow me on Instagram at @leemishael. ❤


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