Best Caddie Putter by HONO Golf

As you should know by now (as I must have lamented about it more than once!) my husband loves golf. I don’t know why, or how, I find the game utterly boring: following a player from one hole to the other and you can’t make a sound if you are following a player on the greens.

When I received the Best Caddie Putter, I knew the best person to try it out would be: my husband of course! The Best Caddie Putter by HONO Golf is no ordinary putter. It comes with a build in slope meter to help you understand and adapt to the changes in slopes and how much force is required to hit the ball into the hole successfully.

All golf courses are different and a skilled player knows how to manipulate and manoeuvre around these differences. With the Best Caddie Putter, a novice or seasoned player can now practice and understand faster!

The Best Caddie Putter is made to improve a player’s accuracy. In addition to that, the putter is made In such a way that it also reduces injuries! Here are some of its features:

  • Improves accuracy of the user
  • Reduces muscle injuries
  • Enhanced with athletic safety protection
  • Rubber grip and shape for soft and firm grip for greater ball feel and handling
  • Slope meter to anticipate slope changes

At first, the husband was sceptical about how the putter would work. This is coming from a man who spends HOURS reading reviews and websites before committing to an (overly expensive) golf set. But after trying out the putter at the putting greens the other day, we realized that it does help with improving judgement, albeit after a few tries, providing us with a correct basis of understanding the slopes and inclination of the greens.

To use it, first put the putter horizontally on the greensward, straight up pointing to the hole. The location of the bubble would indicate of there is a rise or fall in the slope in front of you.


Step 1: Lay putter horizontally to study the rise and fall of the slope

Next, to study the inclination, put the putter diagonally in front of you to estimate if you would need to putt leftward or rightward. Easy? Not just yet!


Step 2: Place the putter diagonally to estimate the direction to putt.

We tried it out and after a few tries, the ball finally went into the hole. The Best Caddie Putter will help you understand better but it is recommended that you do a second observation before you putt. This way, the putter is more affective in helping you improve on skills and technique.


Step 3: Always do a second observation just to be sure!

There isn’t any concrete information on the price and where you could purchase this but the Taiwan Excellence Pavillion is in November and you would be able to witness other innovative products from Taiwan there as well! Head over to Sunway Pyramid on November 10-12! See you there!

For more information, check out @taiwanexcellencemy on Instagram and Taiwan Excellence Facebook page for updates on products and events coming to you soon!





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