I’m just going to potpet for a bit…

Wow. Over three months since my last post!

As you all know, I am pretty active on Instagram. Occasionally, Youtube videos pop up and so would long forgotten blog posts. I’m just so bad with time management and most of my days are spent either with family or just trying to catch some sleep.

And I am a SAHM! (stay-at-home-mom – who isn’t home most of the time)

Recently, perhaps over the last 6 months, my followers on Instagram had greatly increased. So most of my days are spent updating Instagram and trying to find content for Dazshael’s page. Updating my personal account is rather easy: post photos of me, Daniel, some product reviews, skincare tips etc and I’m good to go.

As my followers increase, so did request for sponsorships on Instagram. And this is why I am writing this today. I’ve come to realise that while people actually want your help to boost their products/brand on Instagram, they are not actually willing to pay you for your services.

Truly, a lot of us (especially those who make a living out of this) spend time and resources to create interesting content and information for reviews. Product reviews could sometimes take days/weeks to be created! But these ‘clients’ as I like to call them, do not understand this little bit here – they expect that if they give you a product for free, you are not only compelled to review it, but also to spew out wonderfully nice things!

Now, why has these been happening? That is because we have a lot of Insta-famous people nowadays. It is so common – from a school kid to a teenager. Insta-famous accounts are no longer limited to celebrities, actors, actress – or real famous people who get spotted in the streets. No, they are any Tom, Dick & Harry and pretty much someone you might not even notice if you walk past them (me included). #notfamousyet

IG-ers who are famous (with 10K followers or more) would move to ‘sponsorship’ or reviews to generate some income or simply just to get free stuff. And they would do it for free – just sent over the product/gift and they would take a photo of it, write some fancy stuff and post it up. Whether or not it is true or help boost your followers/customers, it is a risk you are taking.

I know, I used to get them IG-ers to help with my previous business as well. It doesn’t really help, to be honest. You’ll get views probably, but you won’t really get followers and actual potential customers.

You can also come across a lot of IG-ers who uses the ‘Repost’ method of making money. Pay them RM5 (or more) and they would repost photos and captions given. Simple as that!

Now, please don’t take this the wrong way – coz I can pretty much hear your judgemental voice screaming in your head. Everyone’s rezeki is God-given. Of course it is – if they are making tons of money and getting loads of free stuff, it is their rezeki. Alhamdullilah, syukur. Nothing wrong there. Look at King Coco – you pay a hefty sum for her reviews, which she does well in interesting videos and you ACTUALLY get views. #siapakutukdiadulusekarangdiadahkaya #amikkau

Perhaps this is only a struggle some of us face with of this trend going on – people like me and super famous bloggers who provide sponsored posts. Just the other day someone actually said to me: Do you actually use the products you review? Do you actually even use them or you say only these good stuff about it? Your skin is already so nice, do you need to use this?

It’s very demoralising when people come to you like this. I earn some extra income from sponsored posts and I don’t even survive on this income – but when someone says things like these, I kinda question myself, “How do you get people to believe you these days?”

When I do sponsored reviews of products/services, I choose them very well. I have not done PAID skincare reviews in a long time. That’s due to my skin condition – I am too afraid to try out some random (Malaysian made especially) product that might react negatively to my skin and I have to start the recovery all the way from square one.

The current skincare products that you see constantly (such as Three Organics, Botrem and Secret Key) are self-sponsored and has been working so wonderfully well for me. I’ve got followers asking about my skin, what do I do and what do I use!

I don’t consider myself to be a pro at anything – I am not a makeup artists, or a fitness freak, or a mean cook. But I do think I know relatively sufficient information on skincare tips, so that’s what I talk about – A LOT. I am also very passionate about it and most of the time, take time to reply DMs on my skin. That is why I am constantly talking about these products and it’s very sad when people assume you are being sponsored to say bombastic stuff which isn’t substantial.

My method of ‘sponsored posts’ are pretty simple. I charge a fee (to be honest, it’s nothing compared to some people) and you provide me with a product or service you would like me to review. If in any case, I love it, consider me posting about it more than 1s. I do not believe in one-off reviews. If something is truly good, it is really worth talking about again. Same for services – if I like it, I will most likely come back for more (think Klinik Dr. Sophia Y – the only service she had ever provided me FOC was my first round of PRP-Dermapen, everything else was self-sponsored).

It is very difficult to find honest reviews these days as when you are paid (so much) and given a bunch of real expensive stuff, you are compelled to highlight the good and ditch the bad – even I feel burdened by it sometimes.

If you are looking for real honest reviews, you should check out Aida (@jelita78) on Instagram – if she ain’t happy, she’s pretty much honest about it.

So that’s all for now. If you need me to review something, you are free to leave me an email at mishaellee@icloud.com or DM me on Instagram and let me know what products/services would you like me to review. I do reviews for Instagram, Youtube and this blog hehehe so if you would like to collaborate, just gimme a ping!





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